About Us

Nice To Meet You!

Hey there bestie! I’m Mia Azani (she/they), and I’m the founder and creator of Manzi Organics. As with so many entrepreneurs, I can trace my story back to my childhood. Growing up, I had a chronic lip-picking problem (called dermatillomania), and could always be found with some chapstick or vaseline in hand. They never worked for me, because the ingredients are synthetic and made to keep your lips staying chapped. 

After deferring my full-ride acceptance to Barnard College in 2015 and solo-backpacking for three years around the world to find myself (a whole nother story), I picked up many holistic and alternative lifestyle practices. 

This inspired me to create an all natural formula for my lips that genuinely healed them. I started making batches of lip balms that yielded me enough product to share. My friends and family were in awe that I was making lip balms that were so creamy, soothing, and all-natural, and their love for my work inspired me to offer my products to the community.

I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but it is my dream to involve myself in a business that supports the greater good. As a queer and brown Jewish woman, I wanted visibility, accessibility, and accountability to be integral to everything I did. I hope you will continue to follow and be a part of this journey to see how we do it. With Manzi Organics, we start with a lip balm, but we address wellness, beauty, and community all at once.