Will 🌸🍏🌟 FLOWERPOWER🌟🍏🌸 melt? 

We recommend keeping Flower Power in cooler temperatures to avoid softening, but they will always resolidify once back at room temp. They may slip and slide a bit in the container during that time, particularly if you leave them in the car, bestie. 

I have sensitive skin, can I use Manzi lip balms and glosses?

All our ingredients are non-sensitizing, so yes. However, please be cautious on your first time trying them. We don’t want you testing it out on your lips for the first time if you might get an allergic reaction 😣  We highly recommend trying our products on a thicker portion of skin (such as your inner wrist) first before applying them to your lips. 

Are Manzi Products just for your lips?

No! While we use them most commonly on our luscious lips, we have seen many baddies use Manzi both as a salve and as a beauty product– think dewey brow, eyelid, or cheekbone highlighter! The ingredients are transferable, and can hydrate any part of the body, a life saver when you’re caught in a jam and only have your lip balm on you. Side note– our founder once worked a waitressing shift from hell in a miniskirt that left her inner thighs completely raw from chub rub. On her next shift, she rubbed Flower Power on the inside of their thighs and not only healed any scabbing, but felt no burning or pain for the entire 8 hours! *wipes tear*

Can I get a refund?

Nope. Unless the product itself arrives defective, we will not process refunds of any sort. All products are handcrafted + it’s an incredibly labor intensive operation. We understand that not everything is for everybody and we hope to make something you love in the future! 

What are your standard domestic shipping rates?

In the contiguous U.S., we ship orders over $30 via USPS Ground for free. Any other standard and rush shipping options are available at checkout.

Is Manzi Organics environmentally conscious?

Absolutely! We have put together a list of pillars that address what we believe are the most important elements of environmental conscientiousness as a beauty brand:

🌸Make products slowly, and stay away from any growth that involves fast and harmful waste production

🌸Develop an eco-friendly purchasing plan that would allow for re-use of containers, more pickup options and less delivery (which requires needless packaging)

🌸Transition to eco-friendly containers, even if that means raising our product price

🌸 Commit to learning and adapting to new ideas that we discover as time passes

Please check out our social impact page to read blog posts on our progress on these pillars. 

What are the benefits of Manzi product ingredients?

Check out our ingredient FAQ

Does Manzi have a policy regarding chemical ingredients in products? For example, parabens. 

Yes. We have a “NO List” of ingredients we will not use in our products: mineral oil, petroleum, silicones, SLS, parabens, and synthetic dyes. Our goal is to produce clean, effective, natural products by sourcing and using the best ingredients possible. 

Who made this wonderful site? 

OMG isn’t it amazing? Jessica Levon did it, check her out on ig @esheapparel.co and support black female entrepreneurs!