• Shea Butter, Beeswax & Lanolin 🌟

    Shea butter is highly emollient (ie moisturizing & excellent at preventing dryness)
    Beeswax is emulsifying (retains moisture) & acts as an SPF

    Lanolin treats dry skin effectively (women who nurse notoriously use lanolin to recover during breastfeeding)

  • Coconut & Vitamin E Oils 🌟

    Coconut oil is a super moisturizing & anti-bacterial (protects from outside elements and infections; great for chapped lips)

    Vitamin E promotes cell regeneration for chapped, dry lips & has thick consistency to prevent further skin irritation

  • Lavender & Citrus essential oils 🌟

    Lavender essential oil promotes relaxation, is soothing + anti-fungal

    Citrus essential oils promote stress relief + mood balance

  • Almond oil 🌟

    Contains zinc, vitamin E, vitamin A, and omega fatty acids. Respectively, these healing components can heal scarring, prevent sun damage, stimulate new cell growth, and prevents aging while providing sun protection. 

  • Mica powder 🌟

    Natural ingredient made of natural stone mineral that has a metallic sheen to it, used to give our balms and glosses color!