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manzi organics

🌸🍏🌟 FLOWERPOWER🌟🍏🌸 Lip Balm

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A staple lip balm made with superfoods that hydrate, moisturize, and protect all luscious lips. Feel the freedom of wellness with Flower Power as your trusted sidekick throughout the day. 

Why it’s special

  • Flower Power is an essential necessity for your morning and evening skin care routine.
  • Flower Power works amazingly as a daytime lip-nourisher that also keeps your lips looking juicy with its natural shimmer.
  • Use Flower Power as a versatility balm when you need to cover up a dry patch or soothe any chafing on any part of your body (yes… we mean any). 


Check out Ingredient List to see detailed specifics of what's inside!